Mustache transplant in Gangtok

Just like beard, mustache is another important element of a man’s facial appearance. While some are gifted with a thick and dense mustache, others are not so lucky. For those, mustache transplant is a blessing in disguise. Mustache transplant can help you grow a thick and dense mustache, or even a subtle mustache to perfectly go with your beard.

Mustache transplant, an integeral part of facial hair transplant, is done to restore hair to areas where facial hair growth is thin or missing. It can be used to restore goatee and mustache. It can also help in hidding acne scars occuring on the upper lip.

Mustache Transplant Procedure:

As with other facial hair transplants, mustache transplant also requires individual hair or a strip from the back of your head to be transplanted to the mustache area. The treatement may vary from patient to patient. Around 350-500 grafts are required for a mustache hair transplant. The transplanted hairs fall out at around two weeks, and start to regrow at three months, after which they continue to grow for a lifetime. Furthermore, the transplanted hair can be shaved just like other facial hair.

Mustache Transplant Cost:

Mustache transplant cost can vary as per the density you are seeking for the area. You will need to pay more if you are seeking for a dense mustache.

Side Effects:

Facial hair treatment may leave scars around the planted hair and may remain visible when the beard is shaved. Those scars can even bleed when the beard is shaved because it is not leveled with other parts of the skin. These side effects can appear if the procedure is performed by an inexperienced surgeon. Our expert team at the Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics ensures that you do not face any such problems.

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