FUT Hair Transplant in Gangtok

Is hair loss letting you down? Is it making you lose your self-confidence? While hair loss can be worrisome, more worrisome is what follows – The decision to transplant hair. People often fear that hair transplantation might not work for them, which is almost never the case. Hair transplantation is exactly as simple as it sounds. With good surgeons at work, as at the Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics, it can be easily performed.

Of the two primary methods for hair transplantation, the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method is more common.

FUT, also known as strip surgery, follows several steps:

  • * A strip of tissue is harvested from the scalp with good hair growth.
  • * Hair follicles are then extracted from the strip of tissue.
  • * These hair follicles are then used for the purpose of transplantation in the bald area, also called as the recipient area.

The FUT method results in a very narrow linear scar in the back of the head, which can be hidden with the help of a moderate hairstyle. And before you know it, the scar will become less noticeable over the course of time.

While some patients report higher levels of discomfort with FUT procedures due to the potential swelling in the area from where the strip of tissue was removed, this method has a managable recovery period. Furthermore, pain medication can be prescribed by your physician, if at all the pain increases.

FUT Hair Transplant Cost:

The cost per graft of an FUT procedure is usually lower than of a FUE procedure. However, it should be noted that the cost of every medical procedure always vary by patients’ conditions and wants.

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