Body Hair Transplant in Gangtok

Severe baldness can bring a person’s morale down, in ways only a person suffering from the same will know. But with our expert team at the Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics, we can help you regain your lost confidence.

In a situation when all doors are closed, body hair transplant (BHT) is the only way out. It works more often in a condition when a person is suffering from severe baldness, in which case it will not be possible for the person to have enough hair on scalp to be used for transplantation.

BHT, simply put, is a surgical technique of harvesting body hair to the scalp. Hair can be taken from any donor site – beard, chest, back, underarms, or even a combination of two or more. However, for BHT to work, a person should have sufficient amount of hair on the donor sites.

Although BHT gives an opportunity to many patients to regain their lost hair, it has certain disadvantages too:

  • * Extracting donor hair from the body is rather difficult when compared to extracting hair from the scalp.
  • * Hair on our body is not of same quality as the hair on our head. It differs in length, texture, and colour. Furthermore, our body hairs are always single strands, while hair on out scalp occurs in groups of 1 to 4 hair.

These could be some reasons why body hair does not produce the same results as scalp hair.

Body Hair Transplant Cost:

The cost of performing a BHT is often comparable to the average FUE hair transplant cost. Reasons being necessary skills and overall graft yield. At the Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics, you get the necessary skill needed to perform such a technique, along with proper aftercare for your hairs.

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