Beard Hair Transplant in Gangtok

Want a full-grown beard? How about a stubble? Whatever the case, if you are the one who feel jealous looking at other men sporting their beard, it is now time to rejoice. We at the Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics are here to help you.

The ongoing craze of full-grown beard has also led technology to innovate. Even if you do not have a beard or have beard in patches, there is no need to worry. With beard transplant, you can get the perfect bearded look you have always craved for.

Growth of beard, or the no-growth, can be the result of various factors including genetics, electrolysis, surgery, laser hair removal, burns or injury. But with beard transplant, you can get the desired look you have always wanted.

The Procedure:

Beard transplant works the same way a follicular unit extraction (FUE) works. The hair is harvested from the donor area (usually the back of your head) and then transplanted to the recipient area (in this case, the chin area).

Following the procedure, the beard hair will shed itself off within two week’s time. But that should not concern you, as it is a part and parcel of the process. In three months time, you will have a beard that you wished for. You can shave it, trim it, embrace it – just like naturally-grown beard.

Side Effects:

Sometimes a beard transplant can lead to several side effects, such as swelling, redness, pain at the recipient site, infection, scarring, or ingrown hair, depending on the case. It is advisable to contact the physician in such a case.

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