About Dr. Satya Saraswat

Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics is been dedicated in providing the best Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery services to Agra city & nearby towns for a period of past 6 years. The experience of surgeons extend up to 13 years. Our centre is considered to be the pioneer in developing awareness and providing state-of-the art Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Care to the Agra region. Dr. Satya Saraswat, is the Chief Consultant of our.

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Client Testimonials

Know what our happy patients say about their experience at Dr. Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics

  • Sahil Karodia

    Everyone in the clinic was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The doctor took time to answer all my questions thoroughly. After returning home, some other questions arose and he returned my call immediately and addressed them as well.

  • Ram Kishan

    The staff is friendly and a response was promptly given any time I had a question or concern. All pre-op and post-op instructions were clear and I felt comfortable prior to and during surgery. I was happy with my choice in choosing this medical practice for my procedure. My procedure was a hair transplant so only time will tell what my final results will be as I am still in the early stages but I am happy with everything so far.

  • Rinku Kumar

    Dr. Satya and his staff were very knowledgeable of my procedure from the very beginning. I felt confident that I would be pleased with the out come of my hair transplant. I’m three months out from my surgery, from what I was told the hair growing process can take up to 8 months to fully grow in. I’m starting to see little hairs growing in. I’m super excited and can’t wait for it to fully grow in.

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